Pilates and Barre Pilates/dance

I am excited to introduce a series of short videos showing pilates exercises you can do in your chair – whether in the office, your study or in your kitchen!

OCP #1 Chair Press Ups small

OCP #2 Chair Glutes, Hips and Thighs

OCP #3 Chair Triceps (Bingo Wings/Chicken Fillets

OCP #4 Side Bridge – Core and inner thigh

To Book Pilates with Lynne at Yeofit click this link:

To Book Clinical Pilates with physiotherapist Fiona Stretton-Pow at Yeofit, call her on 07837 213247 or email mendippps@gmail.com

Tired of being in pain? Click here for more detail and information on Acupuncture.  Lizzie is an ex surgeon and comes to my classes:

Lizzie Burd Acupuncture flyer

To book Pilates with Lynne at any of the Chew Valley venues,  you can click the relevant link in your village hall of choice, in the table below. 

If you prefer, you can contact Lynne direct by emailing lynne.joyner1@gmail.com or telephone/text 07748 963297.

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Classes for the rest of this  Term –  List of classes Autumn 2019

Time to rebook for next term starting 6th January – Early bird deadline is 12th December 2019 rebook Spring 2020

For Pilates Exercises to carry out at home, please click this link:Pilates exercises and progressions

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Monthly Payments 2019

Pilates is a core strengthening, mind body class, which is largely mat based and suitable for the complete beginner to elite sports people. It is adaptable for men and women, teenagers to the older adult – 80 and beyond! (Term Time only


Time Venue
9.30am to 10.30am

Winford Village Hall, Felton Lane, Winford

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11am to 12 noon Compton Martin Village Hall, A368 Compton Martin High Street

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7.30pm to 8.30pm Chew Magna Church Hall, Silver Street, in front of the Queens Arms

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Time Venue
2pm to 3pm Winford Village Hall, Felton Lane, Winford

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Time Venue
11am to 12 noon Chew Magna Baptist Church Hall, Pine Court, Chew Magna

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6pm to 7pm Chelwood Village Hall, High Street, Chelwood

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Thursdays – Barre Pilates and Dance Class


Time Venue
9:30am to 10:30am Chew Magna Millenium Hall, Barre Pilates and Dance

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A ballet inspired fitness class incorporating work at the Barre, conditioning and dance.

Thursdays – Pilates Classes

Time Venue
11am to 12 noon Compton Martin Village Hall,  A368 Compton Martin High Street

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8pm to 9pm

Yeo Valley HQ gym, Rhodyate, Bristol BS40 7YE

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To book manually onto Lynne Joyner’s Pilates classes in the Chew Valley  please email lynne.joyner1@gmail.com

or telephone/text 07748 963297

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