One to One Personal Training, Blue Sky Physio and Paul Bunce Performance Coach

Specialist Biomechanics Coach

1:1 Sessions at Yeofit

Lynne Joyner

  • Health and Fitness Assessment: For the before and after snapshot ie be weighed, measured, have a fitness test, have your blood pressure taken and have your goals set and your success monitored
  • Biomechanics Screen and Sports Therapy Massage: A simple set of tests to establish  tightnesses and weaknesses in the body to pinpoint causes of pain rather than go straight to the point of pain. You will be given a simple set of easy exercises to do that will help release muscles, stretch them and then strengthen the opposite muscles to stop the body pinging back into the old unhealthy habits. Sports Therapy Massage is then applied for the best outcome and help get rid of knots etc.
  • Personal Training: Get a tailor made programme for weight management and to improve fitness, balance and flexibility using Yeo Valley’s gym or some exercises that can be carried out at home. Your success will be monitored and your motivation maintained
  • Strength and Conditioning: Weight training is very good for women as well as men.  For those that want
  • 1:1 Pilates: For improved posture and balance, Pilates strengthens core muscles and stretches you out for every- day life or to improve your sport or performance. 1:1 Pilates is very good for those needing rehabilitation exercises or to gain confidence before joining a class. Pilates is fantastic for low back issues.
  • Life Coaching: Life coaching is for those that have come to the end of 1 stage in their life and looking for new directions. It can help with organising your everyday life, a change in career, with self-esteem or for those wanting more out of life. It can be carried out face to face or on Skype.
  • TO BOOK: Contact Lynne Joyner, email
  • telephone/text 07748 963297PT Price List Nov 18
  • Louise Wiseman 07919 416927 

Physiotherapy with Donna Sanderson-Hull of Blue Sky Sports Physio 

To book call 0117 946 7618

Donna Sanderson-Hull started Blue Sky Sports Physiotherapy and is the Senior Sports Medicine Physiotherapist –

Alex Ryan is also a physiotherapist and specialises in sports massage – To book call 0117 946 7618

Paul Bunce is the head Strength, Conditioning and Performance Coach

Tel 07469 932304 Website


For a Physiotherapist led Clinical Pilates class

Contact: Fiona Stretton-Pow to book 07837 213247

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