By Tricia and Chris Barke

“We are very much enjoying the 12 week “Exercise for health” course. The friendly and knowledgeable trainers are adapting individual programmes for us to ensure a gradual progression of exercise challenges. After each session we are left with a feeling of well-being and whole body improvement. We recommend the course for anyone, male or female, of any age, who wishes to better their physical condition.”


By Bibba Kenny

All I can say is that your brand of Pilates has been absolutely wonderful for me. I was totally incapacitated with sacroiliac pain for a month just a few weeks before I started Pilates and touch wood it hasn’t happened again. You have taught me so much about movement, strength and balance, all of which is now second nature in whatever I do – so thank you! I will certainly continue to recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their general well-being.

PILATES – (good for men too)

By John and Rae Kelly

We are both delighted by the experience and its effect on us since we started.

By Sandra Lane

Hi Lynne,

I thought you would like to know how pleased I am with the health benefits of doing pilates.

I suffer with sciatica and I have had an meniscus tear in both knees.

I have been attending your Pilates classes for nearly two years and my knees are now fine and I can keep the sciatica under control.

I was beginning to feel like an old woman but I now feel stronger and more agile.

I would recommend pilates to anyone!

Keep up the good work and I’ll see you in the class tomorrow.


By Muriel Hill

I thought I should email you to let you know that I saw the Diabetes Nurse last week and she said ‘well done’ because my blood sugar level was down again to 45 and I’d lost a bit more weight. I have cut down the sort of thing I’m eating but I think weekly Zumba has had a big impact. I’ve never enjoyed going to the gym and Zumba is so much more fun! And I feel fitter!

Thank you for the classes.


By Sandy Coombs

Just let you know, this time last year I could hardly move with back pain. Sneezing or landing in a pothole whilst walking were killers and I wouldn’t even dream of jumping off a step. After many x-rays, blood tests, visits to physios, rheumatology and an MRI the doctors were still unsure of the cause of pain.  As you know I started your pilates last September and would arrive in time to hear the end of Zumba which sounded fun but I couldn’t possibly put myself through that – the thought of that pain….ooooh

Anyhoo, braved it and think that its done me the world of good. My back feels so much free-er (yeah, not sure that’s a word) and apart from the occasional wheat bag I have not taken pain killers for ages 🙂  Of course, I do some pilates at home with the roller and my beloved spikey ball but it just goes to show that we need to constantly move.

Thank you for being a great motivator, love Mondays 🙂