One to One Personal Training

At Yeofit, we can offer you one-to-one personal training sessions at Yeo Valley Gym. Choose from a range of options to improve your health and fitness at a pace that suits you. We offer:

Exercise for Health Induction and Fitness Assessment

Before we do anything else, we will listen to your needs and help you set your goals. That way, we can work together to monitor your success throughout your fitness program. Included in the assessment is a before and after snapshot to record your weight, measurements, fitness test and blood pressure.

Personal Training

We will develop a tailor-made programme for weight management and to improve fitness, balance and flexibility using Yeo Valley’s gym or some exercises that can be carried out at home. Your success will be monitored and our friendly team will help maintain your motivation.

Blue Sky Physiotherapy

Please telephone their central booking number 0117 946 7618 to book your 1:1 physiotherapy session with any of the expert team, All major health insurances can be used. You can access the website by click this link HERE

For Personal Training/ Strength & Conditioning/ 1:1 Pilates, please contact Lynne on:

07748 963297 /

Louise Wiseman 

For Personal Training / Strength and Conditioning, please contact Louise on:

07919 416927 /

Paul Bunce

For Strength and Conditioning and/or sports performance coaching please contact Paul on:

07469 932304 / Email:

Gosia Gilbert

For personal training please contact Gosia: 07969 988048 /

1:1 Pilates

With Lynne Joyner For improved posture and balance, Pilates will help to stretch and lengthen all the major muscle groups in your body through developing core strength. 1:1 Pilates is an effective way of helping your body if you need rehabilitation exercises or would like to gain confidence before joining a class. Pilates is particularly brilliant for those suffering lower back pain.d

Life Coaching

With Lynne Joyner: If you have come to the end of one life stage and would like to seek a new direction, life coaching can offer fantastic benefits to help you get on track. Whether you’re looking to organise your everyday life, change your career, boost your self-esteem or simply want to maximise your life, our team of life coaches in the Chew Valley area can help you succeed with one-to-one sessions face-to-face or via video.